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With all the gifts kids get over the holidays and for birthdays, some will need to write some thank you notes. What better way to make said chore more fun than by doing so with a set of quality Color Technik Glitter Gel Pens (about $13). The ink flows smoothly, dries quickly, and has sparkles that enhances the color. In this set of 30 glitter gel pens, there is a variety of lively colors to choose from. The ink and glitter shows up well on dark pages as well as light, and is great for grown-up coloring books, posters, or just writing notes. They are easy to color with, outline, or just for writing to-do lists or for doodling. Color Technik is a reliable brand, and these easy-to-grip glitter gel pens don’t clump or bleed. Customers agree that these last longer than similar pens from other brands. The Color Technik set of 30 Glitter Gel Pens is a great set to add for any kid who enjoys getting artsy every once in a while.

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