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Considered the preschool version of the classic card game Uno, Uno Moo ($15) Uno Moo is a fun farm animal spin on an old favorite. By matching pieces by type (various farm animals) or color, kids learn to categorize a piece in two different ways, and try to be the first to get rid of all their figures. And of course, much like the original card game, the player who is down to one piece has to yell “Uno moo!”, which is an irresistible hook to keep attention invested in the game. The cute Uno Moo game pieces are perfect sizes for little ones to hold, and the rules are simple to understand.

Uno Moo game play is fairly fast, which should help with anyone learning how to take turns. Keep your pieces behind haystack to keep others from seeing what you have. Everyone draws pieces from the barn, and the youngest player gets to kick off the first turn by placing one of their pieces in the barn door first. The next player checks to see if they have a piece with the same animal or the same color, and plays their piece on the barn door next, pushing the piece originally on the barn door back into the barn. Then it’s the next person’s turn.

There is also a bit of technique to playing the farmer (which is like playing a wild card), as well as penalty points like playing the skunk. Although with younger players you can just skip over those rules to simplify things even more if it’s too challenging. The first player to play all their pieces is the winner. Then you’ll find the remaining players wants to see who could finish next – although I think all players just look for their opportunity to shout “Uno moo!” too.

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