Ripstik Ripster - Two Wheeled Thrills for Kids

Image of Ripstik Ripster - Two Wheeled Thrills for Kids

Ripstik Ripster - Two Wheeled Thrills for Kids

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One might be tempted to describe the Ripstik Ripster caster board as a mix between a skateboard and inline skates, but that wouldn’t really capture how much fun it is. The Ripstick Ripster, like the Ripstik Classic, has a back half and front half, each with one wheel. The board can swivel a bit at this connection, allowing the rider to flex the board and create forward momentum without feet ever needing to touch the ground.

How easy is the Ripstik Ripster to ride?

One might think it’s tricky to ride one of these, but this site’s author has some experience watching a certain 9-year-old take to it fairly quickly. The first 20 minutes were using a wall to balance next to a driveway that had a very gradual slope going downhill. Did the slope make it harder? No – the opposite. Having a little momentum made it easier to learn to balance instead of learning how to make it go. Kind of like riding a bike – after going forward you learn how to keep balance.

Wouldn’t this slip?

The nice thing about the two swivel wheels on the Ripstick Ripster is that the wheels are pretty grippy. A cautious parent’s active imagination might picture this board slipping out from underneath the kid, but it isn’t long before that idea is proved false. Although I’m sure there are accidents that can happen with this as any other riding toy, and it certainly shouldn’t be ridden over a wet surface, it’s not as prone to slippage as what a parent might be fearful of at first glance.

What’s the difference between the Ripstik Ripster and Ripstik Classic?

In addition to being cheaper, the Ripster has a shorter wheelbase, and is good for riders with a narrower stance (such as younger kids).

How easy is it to dismount?

Kids generally find their own natural way of dismounting with a little practice. See the video below to see one way of doing it if at the right speed. To stop the Ripstik Ripster, kids find a way to just ‘step off’.

Here is a demonstration of a nine-year-old son of this site’s author getting on the Ripstik, riding around the carport doing quick turns, followed by a dismount:

Bottom line

The Ripstik Ripster is a great gift for a kid that already enjoys riding toys like skateboards, skates, and bikes.

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