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Age range: 5-7

Kids that are five to seven years old are at a very exciting age. Five year olds have just started school, and beginning to read for themselves as opposed to only having been read to. Books at the appropriate reading level would be a great gift for a five-year-old, six-year-old, or seven-year-old.

Kids at this age are becoming more self-sufficient, and so are brushing their own teeth, taking baths on their own, and getting dressed by themselves. They are drawing and doing other fun art projects. They can participate in more team sports and have an increase in motor skills, including dexterity in throwing smaller balls. Five to seven-year olds have huge leaps in language skills, in the ability to tell time, and tell other measurements. Children at this age are now able to start playing more board games, and doing more advanced puzzles.

Below are some gift ideas that are good for the five-year-old to seven-year-old age range.

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