Age Range: 5-7

Kids that are five to seven years old are at a very exciting age. Five year olds have just started school, and beginning to read for themselves as opposed to only having been read to. Books at the appropriate reading level would be a great gift for a five-year-old, six-year-old, or seven-year-old.

Kids at this age are becoming more self-sufficient, and so are brushing their own teeth, taking baths on their own, and getting dressed by themselves. They are drawing and doing other fun art projects. They can participate in more team sports and have an increase in motor skills, including dexterity in throwing smaller balls. Five to seven-year olds have huge leaps in language skills, in the ability to tell time, and tell other measurements. Children at this age are now able to start playing more board games, and doing more advanced puzzles.

Below are some gift ideas that are good for the five-year-old to seven-year-old age range.

color technik glitter gel pens

Glitter Gel Pens – Color Technik

With all the gifts kids get over the holidays and for birthdays, some will need to write some thank you notes. What better way to make said chore more fun than by doing so with a set of quality Color Technik Glitter Gel Pens (about $13). The ink flows smoothly, dries quickly, and has sparkles […]

doodle pro magnetic drawing board

Doodle Pro magnetic drawing board

With a built-in easy-to-grasp slidable eraser that makes it easy for kids to get a blank slate to play with, the Fisher-Price Doodle Pro magnetic drawing board (~$19) is a re-writable writing and drawing board that comes with a magnetic stylus and shapes. The Doodle Pro magnetic drawing board may sound a lot like another […]

Jacquard Tie Dye Kit

Tie Dye Kit

When was the last time a kid thought a plain white t-shirt would be a fun? With the Jacquard Tie Dye Kit ($16), that t-shirt is a blank canvas just waiting for a bright and striking display of color to be applied. The Jacquard Tie Dye Kit comes with an instructional video, color dyes, gloves, […]

Uno Moo Game

Considered the preschool version of the classic card game Uno, Uno Moo ($15) Uno Moo is a fun farm animal spin on an old favorite. By matching pieces by type (various farm animals) or color, kids learn to categorize a piece in two different ways, and try to be the first to get rid of […]

quadrilla vertigo wooden marble run

Quadrilla Vertigo Marble Railway

If you are looking for a good quality gift for a five- to seven-year-old, the Quadrilla Vertigo Marble Railway ($124) wooden marble run is dizzying fun. The Vertigo set, like the other Quadrilla sets, provides a collection of interchangeable pieces for creating marble runs in many configurations. Kids will enjoy assembling marble paths from the […]

Winfun Sing N Play Magic Keyboard

Winfun Sing N Play Magic Keyboard

Kids love making music, and when you are ready to let them unleash their inner rocker, try the durable Winfun Sing N Play Magic Keyboard ($50). Younger kids will like the microphone and playing with the tempo of built-in sounds, while older ones will like using the recording feature to play back their own riffs. […]

Disney's Jake and The Never Land Pirates - Jakes Musical Pirate Ship Bucky

Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship Bucky

Whether you are familiar or a fan of the popular Jake and the Neverland Pirates show on the Disney Channel, being able to play along with Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship Bucky ($45) is be fun for any kid. Little ones can fire water-ball projectiles from the spring-loaded cannon, or engage with the Tick Tock Croc […]

wall coaster extreme stunt kit wall marble run

Wall Coaster Marble Run

The fun starts as high as you can reach. With the Wall Coaster Extreme Stunt Set ($25) marble run, kids can let the imaginations roll, building tracks consisting of zig-zags, change-ups, coasters, and catchers. Unlike a floor-based stacking marble run, this is a wall marble run, where pieces adhere to the wall using reusable adhesive. […]